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Let's talk money!

That bit we all dread, it's never going to be the fun bit!

But there some important points to remember during this part of the process.

You are paying for something personal, a creation we have developed together so I am able to bring it to life & create your centre piece. Something that will bring smiles & help to build memories that will last far beyond the celebration.. 

With this in mind I will always do my best to ensure I am clear on pricing.

Here are some simple pointers when getting in touch - as the cost of your custom cake will be based on three important factors -

How many people would you like your cake to feed? (Think about whether you're banquet cutting eg. for a wedding or if you're celebrting a birthday & would like larger slices)


Do you have a preference on flavour or flavours? (If you're having more than one tier you might like to offer guests a choice.)


Think about your design/theme. (It's important for me to understand your expectation's - detail is important.)

Just a little side note from me, I firmly believe if you're having cake, you may as well go big or go home so I always bake deep, for that little extra helping!


**Please note - Trula does not increase her prices for Wedding cakes**

Sugar work starts from £5 per piece & can increase dependant on the complexity of the sugar flowers/models.

A delivery & set up fee will apply dependant on travel distance. For more information visit my wedding page.

Celebration Cake
Aproximately -
15-30 Portion's

Celebration Cake
Small two tier
Aproximately up to -


Simple cupcakes start from £2.05 per cake.
*Minimum order of 6 applies, unless a special offer is running.

Celebration cake
Approximately up to -
10 portion's.

Celebration Cake
Approximately -
10-20 Portion's

Celebration cake
Approximately up to -
15 Portion's
Celebration Cake
Standard two tier
Approximately up to -
45 Portion's
 Bigger or carved cakes?
Let me guide you.
Don't be afraid to ask -
get in touch!

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